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Books and Magazines

Police Books
The only collection of books written by state and local police officers.  Over 200 authors and 600 books.

Military Books
The largest and most comprehensive listing of books written by military personnel.\

LAPD Books
The only online listing of books written by Los Angeles Police Department officers.

Technology Book
The companion website to the text book Police Technology.

Leadership Books
The companion website to the book Leadership: Texas Hold 'em Style.

Failure Magazine
Failuremag. Com's nationally recognized writers cover failure - and its close relative, success - from a bold perspective that is insightful, informative and entertaining. Subjects:arts, entertainment, business, history, sports, science, technology.  

Articles Directory
Article, articles directory, art report, book, letter and slides. Free article submission online - the biggest articles directory online today. Science article, newspaper article, health article, health article, article of confederation, biology article.

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